“Schubert of the highest level”

György Kurtág

“He is a highly gifted young musician… a born pianist… He played the piano solo in Poulenc’s Aubade so well, I cannot imagine it being played much better (frightfully difficult!)”

Vladimir Ashkenazy

“In the nearly unplayable stormy finale of the Strauss violin sonata, Robin Green granted the music the natural elegance that it needs to provide the violinist with a beautiful red carpet…”

Die Presse, Musikverein

“Auner and Green begins with a bubbling performance of K377 in F major, playing with a light touch and an engaging tone… The balance and interplay between the players is exemplary… There is a winning simplicity to these performances: the minuet of K377 is full of light and space, the dynamic range modest but with plenty of contrast…”

The Strad magazine

“[Green is] an intelligent and sensitive musician with a genuine flair for imaginative programming.”

Gramophone magazine

“With Rzewski‘s The people united command of tone colour is not the key here, but is nevertheless vital within a pianism of great, sweeping grandeur, subtle touch and outright stamina. Robin Green rose wonderfully to the challenge, demonstrating a maturity of vision which belied his years and entirely merited the standing ovation he received.”

Wales Arts Review