Last year I had the pleasure to travel to the coastal fortress of north wales, Fort Belan, for a chamber music recital. The fort is a glorious place to visit on its own merit. Located on the tip of the Dinlle Peninsula, the historic venue is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in UK.

I am truly honoured that Jean Blundell and her family have invited me to set up a chamber music residency at this magical location, which prompted me to write this article.

I have been blessed with a rich variety of concert experiences over the years. These range from recitals in famous concert halls, to concerts in the Middle East at the time of extreme political uncertainty to performing next to a juggler on Nicaraguan radio! A musicians life certainly is interesting and the variety is what makes it a constant pleasure and joy to be a musician.

In these days of extreme musical compartmentalisation, musicians are encouraged to specialise. However, I have always been inquisitive by nature and searched for as much experience as possible from all paths of music. So when I was asked by composer John Metcalf to learn the hurdy-gurdy as part of this year’s Vale of Glamorgan festival, of course I couldn’t say no!

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